Human Buzz wire

Human Buzz wire


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Setup Area: 11' x 11'

Actual Size: 9' x 9'

Attendants: 1

Outlets: 1 AMP

Age Group: 7 & Up




Much like our table-top Buzz Wire games, the Human Buzz Wire requires you to move your metallic wand from one end of the wire to the other without touching the two together and making that dreaded buzzing noise ring out. The difference here, of course, is how you hold the wand!

The Human Buzz Wire Rental includes a special helmet that has a circular ring on the top that is threaded around the buzz wire. You’ll need a willing volunteer to strap on the helmet, turning themselves into a giant human wand! It’s then up to the team to lift the human wand and move them along the wire, ever so carefully, ensuring the two metal contacts don’t touch. It’s a hugely fun twist on this popular game that will have you and those around you in absolute stitches!

Of course, if you just fancy using the Human Buzz Wire Rental in the normal way, we can

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