Fast Feet

Fast Feet


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Actual Size: 8'.5"x 8'.5' x 3'

Attendants: 2 Adults Supervision

Outlets: (1) 20 Amp Circuit

Age Group: 5 & UP


The Fast Feet Game is a top-notch football simulator available on the multi-sports simulator. It is designed to mimic real match movements, allowing players to improve essential skills like close control, passing accuracy, and awareness. It's also beneficial for rehabilitation after an injury, providing controlled, low-impact training as a step towards full-contact play.If you're looking for a fun football game, Fast Feet is perfect for you. It’s an interactive football pitch for various activities. The objective is to throw the ball and hit as many flashing targets as possible in a short time. It has features that help you stay focused and accurate. Compete against the timer to hit the six LED targets. You can choose from ten different settings and earn points for accuracy.

Choose from different modes like Penalty Kicks to beat the goalie from the penalty spot, Target Practice to score points by hitting moving targets, Crossbar Challenge to practice hitting the crossbar from a distance, Goal Strike to beat the goalie and score points, Goal Scorer to practice powerful shots, or Free Kick mode to improve passing skills.

If you have any questions or want to hire our soccer simulator, talk to our friendly team today.

At Fats Feet has 12 innovative training modes, some single-player and some multi-player, specifically created to improve technical ability.

What is included in this Rental?

Equipment included in Rental cost:

  • 1 X Football Simulator
  • 3 X Footballs
  • 1 X Staff Member (up to Four hours) - additional hours available upon request.   

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