Box Hockey

Box Hockey


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Actual Size: 2'W x 4'L

Attendants: 1

Age Group: 5 & Up






BOX HOCKEY is an exhilarating indoor/outdoor portable one-on-one hockey game that's played by kids and adults. The game has an instant appeal; not only to kids and families, but it is also taking off like wild fire within the hockey communities. 


Box hockey is an active hand game played between two people with sticks, a puck and a compartmentalized box. The object of the game is to move a hockey puck through the center dividers, of the box, out through a hole placed at each end of the box, also known as the goal. The two players face one another on either side of the box, and each attempts to move the puck to their left. If a player succeeds in getting the puck to exit the box through the goal, the player scores one point (or goal). The first player to score the predetermined number of goals wins the game.


Our new BOX HOCKEY game it's a perfect addition to any social event, fundraiser, school carnival, backyard party, corporate event, company picnic, birthday party, block party or Christmas party. It creates a high energy enviroment.


It is one of the most fun game you'll ever play! 


Ask us to show you how you can customize your own BOX HOCKEY game set.


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