Sub Soccer

Sub Soccer


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Setup Area: 89 × 234 cm

Actual Size: 144 × 89 × 75 cm

Attendants: 1 Adult Supervision Required

Age Group: All ages


Sub Soccer is fun interactive Table Football Game you actually play with your feet. Thats right an original table football game played sitting down. Our Boston and Massachusetts event rentald experts are pleased to offer Sub Soccer rental as an addition to vast selection of interactive sports games. For more information click the button below, or scroll down for more details!

What is Sub Soccer?

A football game played by two players. The brain child of Jarno Saarinen (also known as the Original Suberman), Sub Soccer is the fastest-growing football game in the world! The simplest explanation is "Table Football with your feet". To play Sub Soccer, flip a coin or play Rock Paper Scissors to decide who is first. Kick-off starts in your own goal area, and the objective of the game is to get the ball in your opponents' goal. There are only four rules to Sub Soccer:
Players must remain seated at all times. Players must keep their feet on their own side of the field. The first one to score three goals wins the set. The first to win two sets wins the match.


Equipment included in our football table Rental:

  • 1 X Subsoccer 3 table
  • 1 X Ball
  • 2 X Chairs
  • Nets on the sides and top as table and goal nets





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