Spin Art Machine (2)

Spin Art Machine (2)


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Actual Size: 3 Feet

Attendants: (2) Adults Supervision Required

Outlets: (1) 20 Amp

Age Group: 3 & Up



Introducing our incredible Double Spin Art Machine, designed to double the fun and creativity of spin art crafts! With this innovative device, you can create twice the amount of mesmerizing spin art masterpieces in half the time.


Whether you're hosting a party, organizing a school event, or simply enjoying a craft day at home, our Double Spin Art Machine will be the perfect addition to your artistic endeavors.Whether you're an art enthusiast, a teacher looking for a hands-on learning tool, or a parent searching for a unique craft activity, our Double Spin Art Machine is the perfect solution. Get ready to double the excitement and create double the amount of spin art crafts with this exceptional machine. Order yours today and unlock a world of endless creativity!


To ensure a seamless experience, our package includes one of our experienced spin art attendants who will guide and assist the children throughout the process. Additionally, you will receive 100 card and frame sets, allowing the artwork to be beautifully displayed and cherished. Rent Today!

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